Hi there! I’m Sam and I love making things.

Elsewhere, I've created a bunch of projects that have reached millions of people, been featured in TIME, the New York Times, the Atlantic, NatGeo, & other fancy places, and I've been living as a professional author / activist / comedian person for almost a decade.

Oh, and before you ask: yes, "Killermann" is my real last name. (sorry*)

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Here, I write articles for you focusing on topics like happiness, technology, doing-it-yourself, creativity, & hummus.

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After 7 Years Doing this Work, I’m [Re-] Branding. Here’s how I’m making decisions.

I got thrown into this. Two-fold.

I got thrown into the work I’ve been doing. And I got thrown into a situation that’s led me to question everything, rethink and restructure, and make decisions that feel like an overall “brand.”

While I’m happy I’m here, one of the strongest forces that’s guiding what I do next is precisely avoiding how I got here: no more being thrown into stuff. Seem easy? Maybe. Probably not.

I’ll get to that in a second, but first the back story.

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Welcome to my OFFICIAL blog.

The use of the word “official” on the internet has been cracking me up lately, so I decided to launch an OFFICIAL blog. And this is it.

Aging like a fine wine

Better Humaning | Status

Policing Voting vs. Nuance

You can complain about politics if you don’t vote.
You’re not a bad human if you don’t vote.
You can still be my friend if you don’t vote.
And voting is an exceptional way to complain.
And it’s a perfect way to stake a claim in your humanity.
And it’s a wonderful way to show up for your friends.

Progress Report | Status

Totally new site. Slightly new direction.

Howdy! Today marks two turning points: the design of this site has changed (from this to this), and the name has changed (from “Dear World” to “Sam Killermann’s Blog”).

From here on, in addition to things I’ve been writing about before (like happiness & technology), I’ll also be writing about how I DIY (do it myself) in all things social good & online platform related, and posting more personal updates about my work/life.

And totally new: I’ll be creating members-only content! So 🤞to a new experiment.

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