Author: Sam Killermann

Sam Killermann is a social justice comedian living in Austin, TX and the author of The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook: A Guide to Gender. You may know him through his work with It's Pronounced Metrosexual, The Safe Zone Project, Gamers Against Bigotry, his TEDx Talk about Gender, or something else. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.
Progress Report | Status

Totally new site. Slightly new direction.

Howdy! Today marks two turning points: the design of this site has changed (from this to this), and the name has changed (from “Dear World” to “Sam Killermann’s Blog”).

From here on, in addition to things I’ve been writing about before (like happiness & technology), I’ll also be writing about how I DIY (do it myself) in all things social good & online platform related, and posting more personal updates about my work/life.

And totally new: I’ll be creating members-only content! So 🤞to a new experiment.