It’s weird, ya know, waking up to emails from four different people I don’t know, who don’t know me, but think they do. Depicting four vastly different mes:

1. A Me who hates families, Christians, and Christian families. Who is dedicated to “destroying Western Civilization” and will be promptly burning in Hell.

2. A Me who is saintlike in his love and compassion for others, who is “a glimpse of light in a world that’s gotten dark.” Whose work “literally saved my life.”

3. A Me who is motivated solely by ulterior motives, greed, and who would “best serve the LGBT community by killing yourself.”

4. A Me who is “as insignificant as anyone could be” which is why it’s doubly grievous “to keep pretending otherwise.”

Which Me is the real me? None of them. And all of them. For each person has created a Me in their mind and that Me, while it isn’t and never will be me, is as real as I am.

Fear of Missing Out?

I publish sporadically, aiming for quality of quantity. Would you like me to send you an email every once in awhile with new entries to Better Humaning, and other tasty morsels?

When I started this project I was hoping it would help people know who I am — to meet the real me. An unfortunate byproduct of working on the Internet is being dehumanized. This site was meant to re-person me.

Looking back now, I realize the mistake I made: nobody is going to take the time to read and learn about me when they already know who the real Me is.