About Sam Killermann

If you know me from the interwebs, it’s likely through one of my social good projectsmy book, or maybe my gendery TED Talk. But I wanted this site to stand as a remaining bastion of quasi-personal space where I can explore ideas and share things away from the limelight that has become most of my other sites. That said, below are a few disclosures about me.

Me, in Bullets

Who doesn’t like being distilled down into a few easy to misinterpret and misconstrue bullet points? Oh, me. But this might be helpful to help you get a better sense of where I’m coming from. Consider this my YouSoup Recipe, in no particular order:

  • Sam
  • White
  • Man
  • Non-disabled
  • No religion (atheist)
  • Romantically and sexually attracted to women
  • Spiritually attracted to hummus
  • Plant eater
  • (E/I)NF(J/P)
  • Third child, two older sisters, one littler brother, divorced parents
  • Grew up lower class poor; still am, but now often perceived as middle/middle-upper class
  • Educated; highschool, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees
  • Liberal-leaning, politically-unaffiliated moderate

Things I Do For Dollars

I’m a bit of a Sam of all Trades. I make ends meet through a variety of means, but here’s the simplified list of things folks tend to hire me for most: my social justice comedy show, speaking, web design & development, high-fives.

Things I don’t make dollars from: most of my writing or online creations (actually, everything but my book), advertising, sponsorships, hugs.

Sam Killermann, in Generic Bio

This is the thing that I send to people when they hire me to do a thing and need to include a thing that tells people at the thing why I was asked to do the thing.

Sam Killermann is a multi-disciplinary artist who puts his gifts to work to achieve global justice as the Director of Creativity for hues. Sam is also the person behind It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, the comedy show performed at colleges and universities, as well as the online resource, which has educated millions of readers on themes of social justice, gender, and sexuality.

Sam’s work (that he uncopyrighted in 2013) has been downloaded by hundreds of millions of people around the world who utilize it to bolster their educational and advocacy efforts toward equity. His version of the Genderbread Person, a model for understanding and teaching gender and sexual diversity, has been translated into over a dozen languages.

In 2014, Sam designed an all-gender restroom sign that he gifted to the commons, which is now being implemented on three continents, is featured in the White House, and is becoming the standard for dozens of college campuses and cities around the U.S.

Sam is the author of A Guide to Gender, which is an exploration of gender from a social justice perspective, with humor and comics sprinkled in. The book opened as the #1 bestseller in gender on Amazon, and as a reflection of Sam’s commitment to access as a core social justice value, he’s given away over 10,000 copies of the book. He gave a well-received TEDxTalk that has over 150,000 views called “Understanding the Complexities of Gender,” where he distilled the themes of the book into a few minutes of fun, energetic, and easily-digestible speech.

Sam is the co-creator of TheSafeZoneProject.com, a free online resource for LGBTQ and Ally training materials. The open source curriculum they published is being used by over ten thousand educators in at least 100 countries.

Outside of his key initiatives, Sam is a frequent keynote speaker, serves on the Board of Directors for Healthy Teen Network, is the comedy half of S.E.X., head elf at Socially Just Cards, and is always dreaming up new social good projects. When he’s not on the road, he likes to spend at least a few hours a day bicycling around sunny Austin, TX, where he counts himself lucky to live.