The Platinum Rule vs The Golden Rule

After that dramatic and self-exposing post yesterday, there was no way this wasn’t going to happen. So here it is, folks: my first-ever podcast! And I only kinda blacked out from nervousness while recording it. If you use Soundcloud, you can subscribe to me there to get updates on future podcasts, or just subscribe to email updates here at the bottom of this page (I’ll be sharing all future podcast episodes here). I’ll look into making it and future episodes available on iTunes, and if anyone is well-versed in this let me know.

I write a lot about the Platinum Rule in my book, A Guide to Gender, which you can get from Amazon or pay-what-you-want on the official site

Huge thanks to Rustik Jamz for the music. Check them out: @rustik-jamz.

Double huge thanks to Dr. Milton Bennett for coining the term “The Platinum Rule” back in 1979 and having such a huge impact on my life before I was even born. Check him out here:


Oh, and that header image is taken from a Powerpoint I made for a keynote I gave recently, where I had comparison slides to visually depict the differences between the Golden Rule and the Platinum Rule. I made them on the plane en route. They might be my favorite things I’ve ever made. They are included  below for your viewing pleasure (:

Golden Rule drawing by Sam Killermann The Platinum Rule drawing by Sam Killermann