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The 9:3:1 Learning Rule

Finding the magical amounts of time you need to allocate to spectating, studying, and practicing.

The 9:3:1 Learning Rule

When you’re trying to learn a new thing — a skill, talent, instrument, sport, language, anything — there are a million things that can derail you.

It’s hard not to become fatigued, discouraged, frustrated, lose sight of your goal, or become distracted by a brighter light in your life.

Even assuming you get everything else right, and none of those detours push you off path, it’s still common to plateau early and stop making progress.

This rule is to prevent that from happening: say hello to the 9:3:1 Rule, a guide for how to allocate your time while learning a new thing.

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Rage du Jour

What's on the menu today?

Rage du Jour

How many things have you been mad about in the past week? How many meltdown-level shares have you seen in your social feeds?

Every day there’s something new that my entire social bubble is furious about (at least if feels that way). The Rage du Jour.

It’s the backlash for some stupid thing a politician did. Or the horrible take a celebrity had in response to a current event. Or a current event that isn’t getting the right coverage from the news. Or, sometimes, it’s rage about rage: the fact that people are mad about something become the thing other people are mad about.

In special cases the rage will last more than a day. But that requires a really sticky subject. Something that can keep our focus amidst the barrage of incoming candidates of rageworthiness.

It’s hard to stay genuinely mad about something for a long time. It takes energy, effort, fuel.

It’s easy to get mad about a new thing if the conditions are right.

And on social media the conditions are prime.

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Cancel Debts Not People

What would happen if we traded something abstract for something material?

Cancel Debts Not People

Elizabeth Warren has thrown her hat in on a bold idea that’s been in the air for a long time: cancel student loan debt.

Not interest rate decreases, or refinancing, or other half-measures, but an all out cancelation of up to $50K in student loan debt for anyone whose income is $100K or less. Combined with universal free public higher education going forward.

I was first introduced to this idea back in the early 2010s the Rolling Jubilee, a project by Strike Debt, which has now evolved into The Debt Collective.

Their project leveraged one of the most dysfunctional aspects of student loan debt: the fact that the debts get bundled and resold, over and over, for pennies on the dollar.

Rolling Jubilee raised $701,317 dollars (a few of which were mine, even as a broke post-grad student living under a pile of debt) and bought bundles of debt worth a total of $31,982,455.76.

Then, instead of trying to collect those debts, they abolished them. Poof. Gone. No more debt for the people whose loans were part of those bundles.

Those numbers highlight how broken, and at this point imaginary, the entire debt-debtor relationship is.

In what world does $700K buy $31M?

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The Problem of Progressivism

"The left is eating its own!"

The Problem of Progressivism

With more and more people talking about “the left cannibalizing itself” and “liberals eating their own,” or how “democrats need to unite to defeat Trump,” we need to keep reminding ourselves and others about the problem of progressivism — instead of just beating the dead horse that is the problems within progressivism.

I’ll start with the second one, because that’s what everyone won’t stop yelling about, and I’m afraid if I don’t do a little yelling you won’t hear me out on the part of this that I think is important.

So here it is, me jumping on the dogpile: the left has some problems, and we’re getting in our own way.

And that is true for the “right,” the “center,” liberals, progressives, leftists, Libertarians, Republicans, and so on.

Literally every political camp has problems. Any collection of humans with a count greater than 0 has problems.

So, why is the trope of “liberals eat their own” so pervasive?

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Public Libraries Shouldn’t Exist

Imagine that public libraries weren't a normal thing. What would the public debate sound like?

Public Libraries Shouldn’t Exist

Usually, when I’m at home in Austin, I work in coffee shops. Today, I’m working from our gobsmackingly beautiful public library. And I can’t help but repeatedly ask myself “What would happen if someone pitched the idea of a public library today?”

It’s a broken record in my brain. An audio loop. It plays every time I turn a corner in this space.

“What would it sound like to argue for the idea of a public library in 2019?”

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When Ambition is Hiding

Sometimes shooting for the moon isn't taking a shot at all.

When Ambition is Hiding

Consider a few alternatives. Let’s say I told you:

A. I want to remove every unhealthy habit, food, and mindset from my life, and I’m going to start tomorrow.

B. I’m going to eat less sugar, starting tomorrow.

When tomorrow comes, which one are you likely to hold me accountable to? Which might you help me excuse when I fall short? Which are you actually expecting me to do? Or even realistically try?

Let’s do a few more with those questions in mind.

I say:

A. It’s my goal to transform my country to 100% renewable energy.

B. It’s my goal to transform my local school district to 50% renewable energy.


A. My organization is going to end racism, globally.

B. My organization is going to help local people of color, and other disenfranchised people, register to vote and get to the polls.

That’s plenty to get the point I’m going to make, I think.

But first, here’s what I’m not about to say: that any of the As above — the lofty, admirable, pie-in-the-sky ambitions — are in any way bad, undesirable, or something I’m advocating against.

I want all of those things. I have, at different points in my life, said all of those things, in some way or another. And I don’t even like thinking of myself as ambitious.

Here’s all I want to point out: sometime we set the bar so high because it gives us an excuse when we can’t clear it.

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