About the Blog

This is a blog by Sam Killermann. Indeed, it’s Sam Killermann’s blog.

Think of this as part open letter to the world, and part sharing experiences and observations of why I hold the world so dear. We only have one — one world, and one shot to live on it. We’re all crammed on it together, tightly packed. And it’s in all of our best interest, and in the interest of everything else smushed on this little blue dot with us, to live in ways that enhance the experiences of our global roommates.

My goal with everything that I write here is for it to be a nudge toward some healthier, happier, or more whole way of living — for myself, and for anyone who happens to read it. Little reminders, big call-to-actions, personal challenges. Things that I’m currently struggling with, things I feel like I have my mind wrapped around, and things I may be facing for the first time.

I’ll write in clear language, with passion, my heart to yours. And if you come along for the ride, I hope you’ll write back.